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Chronicle official community
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クロニクル official community
name: 空 -sora-
birthday: 14 dec
blood type: AB
name: RuRu
birthday: 19 dec
name: 皐也 -kouya-
birthday: 8 dec
blood type: A


guitar: Yuki
drums: 武 -takeru-

響 -kyou- (gu.) left the band after their live on 28 mar 2009 at Holiday Nagoya.
聖 -sei- (dr.) left the band after their live on 10 jul 2009 at Holiday Nagoya.
クロニクル disbanded 21 may 2010.

★ keep all posts related to クロニクル, the members and their music!
★ no posts containing negative or harmful rumours concerning クロニクル!
★ posts should be made public!
★ don't repost anything out of the community, who wants to get what has been posted needs to come here!
★ don't promote other communities! advertise only, if it's related to クロニクル!
★ please keep longer entries, entries containing big graphics and entries containing more than one graphic behind an lj-cut! icon posts can be made by a teaser of three icons in one line!
★ please don't hotlink any pics or graphics!
★ be nice to each other! no flaming!
★ it's not allowed to post and/or request any media that actually must be paid for to get it!
★ no amembers only stuff from their blogs allowed!
★ no linking to friends only journals/communities or to sites that require registration!
★ please support the band as much as you can!
★ you can introduce yourself here. use this form, if you like to:

クロニクル official MySpace
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If you wanna affiliate with クロニクル just contact me via 黒い霊魂の応援集結所!

pictures taken from クロニクル's OHP
all layout and graphic works by 黒。
used theme: Flexible Squares

If you wanna use any graphics ask for permission FIRST!